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Photo Kathmandu

A bi-annual event
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Photo Kathmandu, Nepal’s only international photography festival, is a bi-annual event. The next edition is planned for the fall of 2018 – exact dates will be announced in the next couple of months.

The festival attempts to create connections between the city, its people, its history, and its dreams and aspirations. It serves as an alternative platform for conversations between visual storytellers and local audiences. It actively promotes Nepal as a vibrant cultural destination, and supports the recovery of tourism, an industry that has been severely affected by the earthquakes and fuel crisis of 2015, yet still employs millions of Nepalis.

The Grand Scene in 2016

The festival hosts exhibitions, slide shows, artist talks, workshops and a mixed-media residency that brings artists together to respond to and converse with the historic city of Patan, where the festival is anchored.

Photo Kathmandu is organized by photo.circle, a platform for photography founded in 2007.


For its last edition in 2016, Photo Kathmandu chose to go without a theme, but featured works that speak to ideas of resilience and revival. 2016 marked 20 years since the start of the Maoist rebellion in Nepal. This war and its aftermath have left deep scars on many Nepali lives, and still affect the country at large. In 2015, Nepal was hit by several horrific earthquakes which killed over 8000 people and left over 800,000 families homeless. Photo Kathmandu 2016 examined how the human spirit overcomes conflict, disasters or personal challenges, and presented stories of survival and triumph from around Asia to the alley-ways of Patan. It was one of many ways through which the Nepali public found the resolve to overcome adversities, and the inspiration to nurture new dreams.

More info: http://www.photoktm.com/

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